Jackson Price

Trainee Professional

Jackson Price didn’t have the luxury of starting his golf career with a set of custom-fitted clubs when he began playing at age 5. Introduced to the game by his grandma ‘Nanny Fay’ in 1997, his first set of clubs was a set of cut down Emerick steel shafts! 

Despite his less than ideal equipment, Jackson developed a love for the game while learning at Tillydale – a small 9-hole course bayside of Brisbane, in Queensland, Australia – before moving on to the junior program at Wynnum Golf Club in 2002.   

Although Jackson wasn’t a member of any representative teams in his younger years, he was Club Champion of Peregian Springs Golf Club, his home club on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland in 2010.   

Outside of his passion for golf, Jackson had another childhood dream that he was able to pursue between 2014 and 2018, talking on the ultimate challenge of joining the Australian Army as a rifleman. Jackson was posted in Brisbane, traveling widely around Australia and New Zealand for different training exercises. Jackson says he loved and still loves the military, and the people he met and experiences he had helped mould him into the person he is today.  

After leaving the army, Jackson and his partner Jordyn lived in Melbourne, before moving to Jordyn’s hometown of Te Puke, where Jackson was offered his dream job and the chance to follow his dream job of becoming a golf pro, which became a reality in 2020. 

When it comes to coaching, Jackson's philosophy is to start with the fundamentals, nailing those one-percenters, and building from there. He also believes it’s not all just about technique, and that golf is not just a game but a lifestyle, so enjoying the game and having fun is what it’s all about!  

When it comes to fitting, Jackson says it’s really about finding the club that fits and is unique to YOU! He wants to give you every opportunity of walking away confident that you’ve got the equipment that will maximise your chance to play golf, and if you aren’t satisfied with the fit, he won’t let you leave with something that you don’t feel is not up to scratch. 

Jackson specialises in beginner teaching and enjoys helping those who are new to the game, as helping them improve puts a smile on their face and his! He also loves the short game, as there are so many dimensions to it, making it a fun and exciting challenge. 

Jackson says he loves the game, the challenge, the enjoyment, and the social aspect of golf, saying it’s a game for everyone, no matter what your age. He says even the worst rounds get people back again, because it’s that one good shot you hit that is so satisfying.  

With a little help from Jackson


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